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Advocacy Service

This service is offered to parent carers to be able to have someone that can capture information within multi agency meetings and appointments. 

We at Choice know how difficult it can be to enter any meeting, appointment, and review, not knowing whether you're prepared or not. 
Our service is here to help support you in these occasions, we want you to feel supported whatever you are going through. 

What can our advocate's do?

  • Our advocates can attend any multi agency meeting and appointment with you, regarding your child. 

  • Our advocates can take notes for you, collect information, and distribute it back to you within 48hrs.

  • Our advocates can source any links and support services spoken about on the day.

  • Our advocates can have a wellbeing check with you post appointment to ensure you are okay post visit.

What can't our advocate's do?

  • Our advocates CANNOT intervene with any discussion within the meeting. 

  • Our advocates CANNOT give any advice.

  • Our advocates CANNOT attend any appointment without signed permission from the individual who requested the attendance.

  • Our advocates CANNOT attend any meeting etc, without permission from at least one practitioner. 

  • Our advocates CANNOT leave a meeting etc, and pass back any information without signed consent of the notes taken. 





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