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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Our Ethos

Choice Wellbeing Service (CWS) is designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of parent carers.

The service offers mental health and wellbeing support to all parent carers when a child’s additional need is recognised, throughout the duration of diagnosis, and onwards.

Wellbeing to us means solely the quality of life. Something that we will happily support others to work towards a better version of.

Our Origins

Choice Wellbeing Service (CWS) was founded by parent carers of a medically complex little bug. With the support of friends, they hope to grow Choice to a nationwide organisation that is able to show good practice.

What are we going to do today?

Asking For Help

Here at CWS we understand that whilst being a parent carer, choosing you may not always be your priority. We know this as fifty percent of Choice Wellbeing Services board of directors is made of parent carers. 

We thought that this was instrumental to the service we provided, the direction we head in, and the message we conveyed. 

We here at CWS believe that each person is the expert of their own experience. 

We hope to support you on your journey, by focusing on these five points


Self Identity


Self Esteem







We may not know what you are going through, but we can be beside you whilst you go through it.

Team CWS

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